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Super 1000
1500 Pure

10xPURE Full Spectrum–500mg


Lab test

10xPURE-GOLD Super - 1000mg


Lab test

10xPURE – 1500mg


Lab test
These are the three most expensive PURE CBD oil drops, and the most effective ones. The amount of CBDA and CBD that enter the bloodstream differ, depending on existing concentrations, in supercharged CBD oil. 10xPURE is CTFO PATENTED product and available only through CTFO distribution system.
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These are the Lab results for all CBD oil drops.


Cheaper brands

Full Spectrum CBD oil drops price range from $49.47-$69.97 strength range from 300mg-750mg

CBD pain relief creams (excellent for local anesthetic)

CBD Oral Sprays formulated for specific wellness issues: pain relief, sleep support, energy boost, anti-stress and relaxation, weight loss

CBD capsules

CBD gummies

CBD Pet Products

CBD skincare products

CBD Massage Oil

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Hair Growth System 

Non-CBD Health and Nutrition for weight loss

Non-CBD skincare 


CTFO Leading-Edge

10xPure™ hydrophilic Full Spectrum 500mg and 1500mg CBD oil drops enriched in CBDa
10xPure™ Gold Super 1000 – hydrophilic full spectrum CBD/CBDa oil drops specifically formulated for extra strength pain and inflammation relief.

CTFO Prices

If you do not need CTFO products DO NOT buy it.

CTFO is able to maintain highly competitive pricing. They can do this because the operating costs are low, and each customer has the opportunity to distribute the product. The current technology makes CTFO very streamlined and simplified. Whether to provide each distributor with a website, to use private Facebook groups to help and support distributors.

Give to the consumer the option to choose ten items face value at $1 each for $10, and One item face value at $10 but better quality, the majority will choose ten items for $10.

In the end, we get what we are paying for and we want quantity instead of value for our dollar.

Regardless of how cheap a product is, without the main ingredients being penetrated and absorbed, you can end up with wasteful delivery, decreased potency, and money going down the drain.

CTFO pricing tag

-Retail prices are provided to customers who prefer to remain anonymous and have a guest account with affordable prices and competitive on the market. 
-The "preferred prices" are discounted to customers who are prepared to build their own account
preferred customers and associates only The rates are 30 percent lower than the retail rates on average.
-A further
5 percent discount is paid to preferred customers and partners who decide to order Auto Delivery.
-Many products can be found in
packages or sets of 3, which further reduce the cost of each item.

I wish you well!

More than 75 products to choose from.

Isolate CBD oils (pure extract from CBD, 0.0% of THC) 

-10xPure Full Spectrum CBD oil drops (hydrophilic, rich in CBDa, less than 0.3% THC)

10xPURE is not a cheap product. The strength and the price goes up accordingly. Discount applied for preferred customer and more discount for Associates and auto-ship orders. Examples below are discounted from retail price.

This is what you get:  Quality in top grade

-Testing reports for third party laboratories are accessible to all visitors on the CTFO website under "Documentation." 
-All CTFO goods are produced at GMP-certified plants. That implies that the contents of the label are
monitored by the FDA
-A 60-day, empty box, money backing guarantees to demonstrate that they are confident in the best quality of their products and in the pureness of the elements used by CTFO in its products,
organically grown and processed in the United States 

" Each consumer has the power of their wallet and their voice.

They can exercise that."

David Droga


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